Podcast Production Templates and Checklists

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You started a Podcast!

Congratulations!! You're part of an elite group of people that worked through all the details of having your own Show.

And starting a Podcast is a huge task. There's a TON of things that you need to work through.

But after it's launched, the production workload to keep it professional and thriving is a different task all together.

Simplify your Podcast production with easy to use templates and checklists.

Take less time in doing the repetitive tasks with templates and checklists.

These are the EXACT tools I use in my Podcast. They've helped me and I'm sure they'll help you as well.


Table of Contents
·      Podcast Interview Process Notes

·      Email to Future Podcast Guest

·      Guest Promotion Script

·      Audio Editing Checklist

·      Uploading Episode to RedCircle Hosting Checklist

·      Trailer (Intro Episode) Framework

·      Trailer Intro Example

·      Episode Intro Framework Example

·      Episode Outro Framework Example

·      Podcast Media Kit Contents (Very Important)

·      Guest Scheduling Checklist

·      Guest Interview Tracker

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Podcast Production Templates and Checklists

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